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Many groups rely on the members to develop and manage their meal program each year. The members typically do not have the training or experience to operate a commercial kitchen or manage kitchen staff. This often results in poor food quality, unbalanced meals, cost over runs, unsanitary facilities, employment tax and insurance problems, and unhappy residents. By allowing Greek Life Services to assist you in managing your meal program, you can prevent many of these problems. Select from the services that you need or allow Greek Life Services to implement a complete kitchen management solution.

Kitchen Staff Recruitment

We will undertake the search and hiring process in cooperation with representatives from your group. Greek Life Services has several sources that bring people to us when a client needs a new employee. Greek Life Services will advertise, qualify and interview candidates for your kitchen staff positions. The hiring process includes proper employment applications, position descriptions, employment agreements, and wage recommendations. Finalists for your job openings receive employment history verification, recommendation checks, criminal background investigation, and credit history review. If your group requires, we can also coordinate drug testing, employment health examinations, skill testing, personality testing, preparation of trial meals to verify the candidate’s abilities. Fees are based upon a fixed cost, and a guarantee that if a staff member leaves during the academic year without reasonable cause or if the staff person is fired after documentation of poor performance and a performance improvement plan, Greek Life Services will recruit a new person for that position at no additional cost.

Menu Planning

In several cases, we have witnessed cooks that have resorted to pre-cooked, institutional meals that they simply warm and serve to members because these meals are easy to prepare. We have also seen repeated instances where cooks have stolen food or embezzled from the group. It is also not uncommon to hear of meal programs the start out well, and then gradually deteriorate over the course of the year. Proper menu planning can prevent many of these problems and ensure a healthy meal program with consistent quality. Planning includes developing menu options that are desirable to the members and that are healthy. Portion sizes are determined so that the proper ingredients can be ordered in the appropriate quantities. Special meals are planned for special events or religious observations. The menu is planned to conform to the group’s food budget. We also offer the option of having a nutritionists review the menu. This planning results in consistent meal quality and portion sizes, better budget control, reduced opportunity for theft, and happier residents.

Steward Training

This is an introductory seminar that will educate kitchen stewards on the basics of operating a meal program. Sessions include: managing kitchen staff, employment laws, taxes and insurance requirements, menu planning, ordering and tracking food costs, local food vendor options, kitchen sanitation practices, safe serve practices (required by the state), health inspections, and preventing food bourn illnesses. These sessions will aid a steward in properly managing their food budget, understanding the staff needed, and improving the food quality for their residents.

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Building Stronger Fraternity and Sorority Chapters through Professional Catering & Property Management

Building Stronger Fraternity and Sorority Chapters through Professional Catering & Property Management

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